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GunCaseBlanket®- Our Story

How many times have you been hunting and had to call it quits because of the cold?  Have you ever taken a small child hunting only to have the enjoyable experience diminished due to cold and inclement weather? It seems that no matter how well you dress, viagra sale after an hour or so of sitting perfectly still, the “chill” begins to creep into your bones.  The GunCaseBlanket® has the answer to these common problems and much more with a new twist on a commonly used old product!!!

If you go afield to hunt anything these days with a firearm you almost surely use a gun case. Chances are you remove your gun and expose it to the elements the moment you leave the truck. If you do carry the gun in its case, you have also probably wondered what to do with it when you arrive at your stand or blind for the hunt. With the GunCaseBlanket® you can solve the all of the problems above and many more.

The GunCaseBlanket® is a revolutionary new product that combines top quality American made products and manufacturing to maximize your time in the field and protect your firearm while keeping you comfortable in the field. Once your gun is removed from the case you can simply unfold the gun case by unzipping the extra large zippers all the way and unfolding the case to its fully opened insulated blanket shape. You can then explore the many features of the case, such as the industry leading Polartec® fleece liner and Climashield® insulation that will keep you warm as you wrap the case around your body on a cold day. The GunCaseBlanket® outershell is constructed of rugged 11 ounce flocked nylon material which is not only water resistant but designed to be quiet even under freezing conditions. Inside the blanket and against your body you will find a specialized fleece hand pocket large enough to put gloved hands and designed to hold handwarmers. You will also find  two conveniently located pockets near your chest where you can house a mobile phone, ammunition, a flashlight, etc. Outside, and properly positioned, is an elastic game call holder, so you can call without tell-tale hand movements.  

You will be concealed no matter where you hunt with a variety of camouflage patterns to choose from.  Initial production of the GunCaseBlanket® is in Mossy Oak® Break Up® and we will be soon be offering Mossy Oak® Duck Blind™ for the waterfowl hunter!