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When determining the ideal materials for constructing the GunCaseBlanket®, no rx we started with the end in mind.  It needed it to be rugged enough to be carried out in the field and quiet and subtle enough to provide effective cover and concealment for the hunter while in use.  Finally it needed strong weather repellant characteristics to protect both the hunter and the gun under adverse conditions.

Because of these unique requirements, order we constructed the GunCaseBlanket® outershell out of very rugged, sovaldi 11 ounce durable water repellant, flocked nylon fabric. Initial production is limited to Mossy Oak Breakup® for general use, but we will soon be adding Mossy Oak Duck Blind® for the waterfowl hunter very soon.   

salve s,3.html” target=”_blank”>The primary purpose of the GunCaseBlanket® is to help keep hunters warm, not only adding to their comfort, but allowing them to stay in the field longer and hunt harder. When we searched for a product that would provide the highest degree of insulating properties, naturally we headed towards the solution spec’d by all 4 branches of our military.  Climashield® Combat delivers insulation for the extreme requirements of tactical and military applications. Proudly made in the U.S.A., this specialized insulation is Berry Compliant and features low packing volume, durability and AquaBan™ technology for staying warm in wet conditions. If it keeps our brave service members warm in far- away lands, it will do the same for you here at home!

Climashield Combat Insulation is proven to be warmer, lighter and stretch better than any competitive product, and has all the properties we were looking for in insulation.

It is a continuous filament fiber synthetic with thousands of polyester strands that spread into a naturally interlocking insulation. This stability means no heavy shell is needed, letting us cut weight and bulk dramatically.

It is very compressible, very thermally efficient, and does not need to be quilted, laminated, or glued to the shell fabric. It also has excellent drape, allowing it to conform naturally around the body. It’s also breathable – moisture is released from your body and not trapped, avoiding a clammy feel. You get warmth, even in wet conditions.

Other benefits include:

 - highest thermal efficiency possible

 - water resistant

 - fast drying

 - no fiber migration

 - Berry Ammendment Compliant version of their XP insulation

The results of extensive and repeated laboratory and field comparison testing by the US Army Natick research center have made continuous filament the only choice for 15 years.


Polartec® Fleece Lining  - Warm, online Light and Breathable

We use Polartec® Classic Series 200 fleece as our lining material in our GunCaseBlankets. Why? Because not only do we value American made products, help but Polartec® is quite simply the original and best fleece available on the market today.  Polartec® is the reference standard for lightweight, warmth and breathability characteristics. The Polartec® Classic 200 lining provides outstanding warmth and versatility, is breathable, durable and dries quickly.



The versatility of the GunCaseBlanket® is a key feature, so being able to use the product in any kind of condition was one of our main concerns.  As hunters, we know that you don’t want to be fumbling around to use any piece of equipment in your arsenal, so we focused on the key element to transforming the GunCaseBlanket®….The ZIPPERS!!! We wanted them to be functional, quiet, and easy to use – even in the dark. The extra large #10 YKK zippers are easy to reach and grip…even while wearing gloves.  Many other products on the market today go cheap on the zippers, causing malfunction when the tiny teeth get kinks, or get caught up on dirt or debris when used in the field.  We provide zippers that are durable, easy to use and easy to find.


Here at GunCaseBlanket® we believe in keeping Americans employed, recipe so what better way to help than to have our product manufacturered right here in the U.S.A. with as many American made materials and using as many American workers as possible! Starting with our 100% American made materials such as Climashield® insulation, decease based in a modernized facility in Clinton, diagnosis TN,  American made Polartec® fleece from the Northeastern United States and YKK Zippers produced at a YKK factory site in Macon, GA. The GunCaseBlanket® is then printed in camouflage a fantastic American camo companie, Mossy Oak® from Haas Outdoors in West Point, MS.. The GunCaseBlanket® is then completely manufacturered and produced by good, hardworking American textile workers at American Discovery Textile Manufacturing in Glasgow, Missouri!

Gun Case Blanket

The GunCaseBlanket® is a revolutionary, find patent pending guncase that combines superior protection for your firearm with the innovative ability to instantly transform into an extremely quiet, cold weather defying, camouflaged blanket for your hunting comfort.